Cocosan Villa, Geejam Hotel, Port Antonio, Jamaica

Geejam Accepting Cryptocurrency

Reacting to growing demand from their guests, Geejam has started accepting Cryptocurrency as a form of payment for its hotel accommodation and private villas – making it one of the first hotels to do so.

We speak to Jon Baker, Founder and Co-Owner of Geejam Hotel and Studios to find out more.. 

I believe Geejam has always been a leader when it comes to embracing new technologies. Back in 2007 we began providing guests with Motorola StarTAC phones with prepaid local sim cards. We also provided some complimentary international minutes so they could reach the hotel (and home) whilst out and about. This was pretty revolutionary in those days and provided our guests with an easy answer to island communication. We were responsible for bringing wireless internet into the previously uncharted territory at the foothills of the Blue Mountains. This made us one of the first hotels to offer guests free wifi all over the property (including down at our private beach). We were also early adopters of Apple TV which is still present in all of our rooms.

Why Cryptocurrency? Why Now? 

I like to think of our team at Geejam as innovators, forward-thinkers and boundary breakers. This goes for our guests as well. As accidental hoteliers, Steve and myself have always thought outside the box when it comes to running the hotel. Reacting to growing demand from our guests, we have started accepting Cryptocurrency as a form of payment for accommodation, both at the hotel and for our private villas.

Rocksteady, Geejam Hotel

How do people pay with Cryptocurrency at Geejam?

In order to bridge the gap between the digital world of Crypto and the physical, we’ve partnered with Bitpay to offer this payment method to guests. Through Bitpay, our guests can choose to pay with the most common and stable currencies like Bitcoin, Etherium and Dogecoin. More about this on our website here.

Is there a difference in price when paying in Crypto?

Absolutely not. The prices for Geejam Hotel and our private villas remain the same regardless of the payment method used. 

Panorama Villa

Has this new method been tried and tested? 

Of course! Funnily enough, one of my closest friends and tech innovator, Eddie Mullon – was the first person to test out our new system. I’ve always looked to Eddie for guidance on the latest tech trends so couldn’t have picked a better person to test this for us. 

I am delighted Geejam has started accepting Cryptocurrency for hotel and villa stays. I paid using Bitcoin and the process was extremely straightforward and fast. In fact, it wasn’t much different than paying with a credit or debit card.

Eddie Mullon, Founder of Fashion GPS and LaunchMetrics

Any more exciting plans for Geejam? 

Music and art has always been a key part of Geejam’s DNA. We are excited to launch a series of exclusive NFTs later this year. These will be Jamaica-centric and created by local and international artists. We are also looking to launch a Geejam Token which will become part of our new loyalty program for both new and returning guests. Stay tuned!

You can find out more about paying with Cryptocurrency at Geejam Hotel here or read our FAQs here.