Our accommodations uniquely balance the tropical beauty of their natural environments with luxuriously modern interiors. Choose from 3 deluxe cabins, 1 junior suite or a 3-room villa with a private swimming pool.

    • Ska


      Nestled in a tropical landscape overlooking the Caribbean Sea, this jungle hideaway provides a perfect vantage point to plan your day’s adventures. Open the doors to the veranda, step into your own private jacuzzi, and ponder some very important questions: should we go to the beach, explore the falls, or just relax here for a little longer?

    • Mento


      A dreamy, luxe treehouse, Mento has your number for the ultimate in solitude chic. Have a steam in the well-appointed bathroom and set your dial to maximum chill as you head to the private patio jacuzzi or snooze on the hammock. Listen to the lush rainforest in surround sound and enjoy the perfect mix of natural beauty with modern convenience and style.

    • Rocksteady


      Overlooking the azure seas, this luxe cabin provides the lovely wakeup you’ve been looking for. Close to the spa and gym, you can start your day with an active vibe or head back under the duvet for some extra winks. After a rum-soaked night at the Bushbar, sweat it out in the double steam room. A sexy and stylish retreat to check your head and get set for your next adventure.

    • DRUM & BASS

      DRUM & BASS

      A juxtaposition of culture and nature, this is the place for music and scenery lovers alike. Hang out on the ground floor of our iconic recording studio in this panoramic junior suite. Fold-out windows create a magical vantage point for a sea gaze, and a soak in the tub will set you up for whatever is in store. Outfitted with a jacuzzi, cozy sun chairs, and wicker chaises, the full-scale deck is the perfect backdrop for whatever you want to get into.