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Unlike other Caribbean islands and the overpopulated, all-inclusive attractions found elsewhere in Jamaica, the beautiful beaches surrounding Geejam are generally secluded, unspoilt getaways, defined by their own unique character and charm.


Geejam Beach is located at the foot of the property. You'll discover a natural cove that fits into the shoreline of the Caribbean Ocean. Clear water, white sand and an uninterrupted horizon combine to create the ultimate mind-body escape. Here you can swim, snorkel, kayak, paddle board or simply relax on one of the four-poster beds.

Historically, this bay, called Mack Bay, was a landing point for boats carrying the coconut harvest. Coco Walk, the old road leading from the waterfront up to the main road, still symbolizes a timeless return to the past.

With an abundance of multi-fluorescent live reef, plus countless mineral sources, this oceanic alcove is packed with nutrients that promote an overall sense of restoration and wellbeing. Molly Hole, a warm water natural spring, and Ital Bath, a skin-cleansing elixir, are both located in secluded places for personal enjoyment and healing.

Broadband Internet wireless connection is available at Geejam Beach.


A few minutes drive or a ten-minute walk brings you to Frenchman's Cove, named by Conde Nast Traveler as being "probably the prettiest beach on the island," it is a marriage of sublime romanticism and rustic character. Traveler also describes it as a place "where the usual saltwater charms are enhanced by a clear, freshwater stream that pours into the sea at one edge of this beautiful site."

The net result is an exciting cocktail of the naturally heated seawater together with the coolness of the spring. Thoroughly invigorating! It's also a place of history.

As noted by, "the best spot for sunning and tanning is Frenchman's Cove beach, which was the jet set resort in the 60s." Playing host during that time to the likes of Liz Taylor, Richard Burton, Baron von Thyssen and the Aga Khan.


Located in the idyllic village of Fairy Hill, Winnifred Beach is just a few miles east of Port Antonio. A charming escape, and a popular local hangout, Winnifred is the perfect Sunday retreat for a relaxing sunbath or an ocean swim to the always-inspiring soundtrack of the waves.

Winnifred is also known as the Rasta beach because of the Rastafarians who frequent the area and keep it in pristine condition, and can cook you a mean Ital stew!


The neighboring Blue Lagoon - a five-minute drive or a twenty-minute walk - is gorgeously situated in a protected alcove that feels like an aquatic haven unto itself.

As described by Conde Nast, "a mix of warm ocean water and ice-cold water from a mineral spring - and possibly the most romantic place to swim in the entire island." You can challenge yourself to an athletic swim from the lagoon beachfront to the nearby Pellew Island, formerly owned by the Aga khan, where the view only intensifies.

Bring goggles to fully appreciate the plethora of abundant sea life.