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A driver will drop you a few minutes away at any one of the neighboring white sand beaches of Frenchman's Cove, Blue Lagoon, Pellew Island, San San Beach, Winnifred Beach, Boston Bay or Long Bay where you can swim, snorkel, kayak or embark on a fishing outing with an experienced crew.

Rafting down the Rio Grande is another option, and a popular favorite - complimented by a home-cooked on-site river lunch of local fare, bringing you so close to nature you can almost taste the landscape.


The town of Port Antonio is a lush cornucopia of local culture nestled in a relaxed coastal setting.

Book a session at the dive shop located at the Errol Flynn Marina in the historic quarter of Titchfield - the Flynn marina was named in memory of the iconic "swashbuckling" film star who called Port Antonio home during the town's fashionable renaissance in the 1960s - and then indulge in an afternoon ice-cream along the boardwalk.

Sampling the fresh catch of the day at one of the local outposts at the fishing village situated along Folly Road is the perfect union of food meets folklore. There's also a Craft Market, Art Gallery, Supermarkets and Commercial Center catering to both necessity and whim.

Also noteworthy is a walk through the cobble-stoned interior of the village of St. George emporium (now Royal Mall).


An evening's dining can be arranged at one of the local restaurants, including the Italian owned San San Tropez.

A sunset promenade down the market street or Harbour Street is always a great infusion for the senses. In addition there are local sound-systems, Ska bars and nightclubs should you wish to sample the town after dark.

Port Antonio prides itself on its history, culture and the natural beauty of its environment. Thanks to its off-the-beaten-path location and word-of-mouth recommendation, the town is a welcome diversion from the traditional tourist destination.