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In order to prepare a draft proposal, initial information required is as follows:

  • Proposed date.
  • Number of persons and their roles - artist, producer, manager, etc.
  • Number of rooms required.
  • Type of session, that is, writing and tracking, mixing, live, etc.
  • Whether an in-house engineer is required.
  • Genre of music.
  • Special equipment needs not on Geejam's list, that is, keyboard rentals, etc.
  • Whether A&R admin. services, that is, session musicians, local performers, etc. is required.
  • Whether other media product, that is, video, film, photography for EPK, etc. is required.
  • Transportation needs - flights, ground transportation.
  • Country/City of flight origination.

Please contact for rates. The rates do not include engineer's daily rate, session musicians, additional equipment, or any other related expenses. Other budget variables include duration of stay.